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“The first time I tired acupuncture I was worried it would hurt and what if it wouldn’t work? Dr. Lee was patient and used breathing techniques to make the session easy. I went in with a migraine and by the time I got off the table my head felt so much better. Acupuncture is definitely a great tool for my migraine toolbox!”


"I was terrified to try acupuncture for the first time; however, Dr. Shelby reassured me through the entire process, walked me through what she was doing, and was extremely patient when I had questions. After a single visit, I was sleeping better and my anxiety was significantly reduced. I highly recommend going to her for both acupuncture and chiropractic!"


"I came in to have acupuncture for my headaches, it was my first time so Dr. Lee made sure she told me everything to expect. I had had a headache for 16 days straight and was desperate for some relief. When she put the first needles in, I teared up cuz the pain went away. It wasn't even in my head, the needles were in my feet!! We have now set up a maintenance plan to keep me pain FREE"


“I felt very confident in her abilities and that I was being listened to. I left feeling relaxed and relief from pain.”


"I have seen Dr. Shelby for acupuncture a few times. I am terrified of needles so I was pretty apprehensive to the whole process, but she calmly walked me through everything and used the fewest needles possible for the first visit. I have seen great results with anxiety and digestive issues from acupuncture. In only a couple treatments, I no longer have issues with digestion or have to worry about what I am eating, and my anxiety is at the lowest it's ever been. Dr. Shelby has also treated me with chiropractic care for headaches, and I only have headaches once or twice a year now. I would highly recommend Dr. Shelby for chiropractic and acupuncture treatment!"


“I always feel great after visiting Dr. Shelby. She has helped with the arthritis in my hands. I haven't had hardly any pain since I started seeing her.”


“Dr. lee fixed me up after over two years of not being to a chiropractor! She was professional, thorough, and I felt safe being adjusted by her. She answered all my questions, and let me know each thing she did and the reason for doing it. I highly recommend New Dawn!!”

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