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Renew Membership

Renew Membership


for Two Renew Sessions a month

$30 Savings!


The Renew Membership addresses a wide range of health concerns and promotes overall whole-body health.

Patients are required to be seen for an initial acupuncture treatment first before entering a Renew Membership.


    • Patients are required to be seen for an initial acupuncture treatment before entering a Renew Membership or Restore Package.
    • Memberships will renew on your anniversary date each month (the date you enroll) and unused sessions do NOT roll into the next month.
    • A 30-day notice is required to cancel the membership.
    • Packages are paid in full and have no expiration date.
    • Memberships and Packages are for individuals only. It cannot be transferred to another patient’s account or used on a family account.
    • Memberships and Packages do not include initial acupuncture exam fees, re-exam fees, or chiropractic services, other add-on services such as electrical stimulation, cupping, ultrasound, manual therapy, etc.
    • Memberships and Packages cannot be used if services are being charged to insurance.
    • No Show/Late Cancelation fees still apply, but will not affect the remaining membership or package sessions.
    • Packages are refundable but at a prorated rate based on used and un-used visits remaining at the current full priced treatment rate.

    Terms and Conditions and Pricing are subject to change.

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